Plasma treatment

    Plasma treatment has numerous applications in different fields: production of microcircuits using thin layer technology, semiconductor devices and integrated circuits, MEMS, LED, coating on turbine blades and much more.

    We provide consulting services on the following matters:

    • Magnetron sputtering of metals, alloys, semiconductors and dielectrics, including high rate magnetron sputtering of metals such as Cu, Sn, In, Ag and other (in their own magnetron pairs);
    • Reactive magnetron by sputtering of conductive targets in chemically active gases for deopsiton of compositions: SiO2, Si3N4, TiO2, TiN, ITO, ZnO, Al2O3, AlN, MgO, Ta2O5, TaN, etc .;
    • substrate cleaning before deposition including hydrogen or oxygen plasma or atomic hydrogen;
    • ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD);
    • ionized physical vapour deposition (IPVD);
    • Ion-plasma nitriding and carbonitriding;
    • Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of dielectrics - PECVD - (SiO2, Si3N4, mono- and polysilicone, GaAs, GaN, photoresist, and polyimide);
    • Electron-beam melting and refining of metals;
    • Modernization of the existing vacuum process equipment for the implementation of ion-plasma technologies.

    Laboratory of Vacuum Technologies produces the electron-beam guns for smelting and refining refractory metals. The maximum capacity of one machine is 400 kW, accelerating voltage is 30..50 kV. Unique scanning system allows use one gun for the distribution of the beam power between multiple objects heating.

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