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    Modules and parts

    Laboratory of Vacuum Technologies, LTD (trade mark: Beams&Plasmas) develops a number of vacuum system units and components, water distribution units, as well as process device power units.

    All the devices are fully automated and provide saving of all the test parameters and the system control via a LAN or remotely, via the Internet.

    The units and devices can be used both as a set and separately for modernizing old plants (UVN70, 71, 74, 75, VU-1A, Oratoria-9, etc.) and developing new ones.

    Purpose: variable impedance load matching with a coaxial cable and high-frequency generator output in a manual and automatic mode. Installation: in a standard 19" rack or separately.
    Purpose: control and status monitoring of a processing plant automated vacuum system actuating devices and mechanisms from a PLC panel or remotely, with the help of a SCADA system. Digital and analog inputs/outputs, 4 RS-485 interfaces, and one Ethernet interface. Software configuring and update via the Internet. Installation: into a standalone standard 19" control rack or directly into the plant.  
    Purpose: processing equipment coolant distribution. Remote control by ModBUS-TCP protocol (Ethernet 10Base-T). Installation: in a standard 19" rack or stand-alone.  
    Purpose: vacuum system cooling and thermal stabilization. Dual-circuit cooling system. Installation: in a standard 19" rack or stand-alone.

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