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    Magnetron Sputtering Systems

    Magnetrons (Beams&Plasmas) are intended for deposition of various materials: metals, alloys and dielectrics in reactive mode. We produce both circular and linear magnetrons for sputtering of dielectric targets with radio-frequency supply and ferromagnetic targets by use of a special magnetic system.

    Versions: ordinary, ultrafast, with a traveling magnetic system, in a sealed housing, with a built-in lid and drive, high-frequency.

    Depending on an application magnetrons have different degree of unbalance. There are also devices with adjustable magnetic system that allow to increase target utilization. Target holder and magnetic system have independent cooling. Heat sink from magnets is provided by a cooled magnetic shunt, that excludes their contact with water thus extending their lifetime.Among the most interesting devices there are high-speed magnetrons that utilize discharge in target's vapour. Such magnetrons provide very high deposition rates. 

    Operating magnetrons with radio-frequency plasma generators and cold cathode ion-beam sources allows to use them in the most advanced I-PVD (ionized physical vapour deposition) technologies: for depositing layers of different materials with a high quality of coating and depositing high-aspect reliefs.  

    Rectangular targets' size may have 145-800 mm on 80-100 mm. The targets' thikness may be up to 20 mm. Purpose: efficient sputtering of targets made of conductive materials by ion bombardment in plasma of an abnormally glowing discharge, metals, alloys and dielectrics depositing in a reactive mode. Versions: ordinary, ultrafast, with a traveling magnetic system, in a sealed housing, high-frequency.
    Round magnetrons are designed for efficient sputtering of targets made of conductive materials by ion bombardment. Ions are provided by plasma of an abnormal cross-field glow discharge. In DC mode of operation magnetrons allow to sputter conductive metals and alloys, both conductive and nonconductive. In Pulsed DC mode of operation sputtering of semiconductors and reactive sputter deposition is possible. An RF mode of operation is used for sputtering of dielectric targets. We own a special know-how technology of ultra high rate…

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