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    Vacuum Machines

    We produce vacuum systems for a wide range of technological processes. The machine can be as simplest (stationary vacuum post with automatic control) as technically complex. They equipped with combinations of different intra-chamber devices, cooling systems, heating systems, movement and rotation systems for substrates of various complexity: flat carrousels, planetary systems, etc.
    Depending on the technological task in machine can be installed:

    • RF plasma generator, circular and linear magnetron sputtering system, circular and linear cold cathode ion beam source,
    • resistive thermal evaporator, high-and low temperature heater,
    • automated vacuum system control, water distribution unit, automatic high-frequency matching device,
    • electron-beam equipment,
    • equipment modernization kits.

    All technological devices have its own power supply and management.

    Laboratory of vacuum technologies, LTD carries out modernization of various vacuum process machines, in particular, UVN-71, UVN-73..75, as well as Oratoria-9, UVN-70 and UVN-79 machines. We replace vacuum system fittings, pumping and vacuum measuring facilitie, also we install new vacuum system control and coolant distribution units.Depending on their purpose, machines may be retrofitted with process devices: magnetron sputtering systems, ion beam sources, heaters, radio-frequency plasma generators, as well as modern units, vacuum gauges and sensors. A modernized machine has a…

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