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    Power Supply Unit for Thermal Evaporator

    Thermal evaporators intend for vacuum deposition by resistance heating. Now these ones equiped with power unit and transformer in the kit.

    An external power supply provides stabilization of the heating power.
    TI Power Supply is designed to supply one or two intermediate transformers of thermal evaporators. This one can be equipped with one, two, or three power modules that allows to connect one, two, or three evaporators“ transformer. Manage by the protocol MODBUS RTU data exchange.
    Water-cooled high-current transformer that is placed on the vacuum input also comes bundled with the TI.
    Parameter - Value
    Maximum power consumption, W
    a) single-channel - 2500
    b) two-channel - 5000
    c) three-channel - 7500
    Power Supply, - 380
    The number of connection channels evaporator units - 1, 2 or 3
    The maximum output voltage, - 500
    Maximum output current, A - 5
    Stabilization modes — Current, Power
    Maintaining stabilized accuracy parameter,% not less - 2

    Sputtering materials in vacuum by thermal evaporation is the basic technology for a wide range of applications. The method is characterized by low cost of technological devices and equipment, as well as the ease of development of the technology. The most common method of heating the material - resistance, current passing through the boat made of a refractory metal (tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum).

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