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    VTRD Thermoresistive Digital Vacuum Gauge

    Purpose: conversion of absolute pressure in the range 0.1 to 105 Pa into a digital electric signal jointly with a PMT-6-3(3M) thermoresistive gauge head. Resistance converter in a constant filament temperature mode. RS-485 digital interface, ModBUS RTU protocol.



    This gauge was designed for use with a Pirani gauge. The goal was to develop a highly reliable sensor that would function in very noisy environments and keep the gauge filament safe and the pressure data correct. It measures gas pressure in the range from 0.1 and up to 104 Pa with relative error that doesn't exceed 10%. The gauge has 1000 V isolation on power and data lines and keeps function in environments with strong impact noise or RF strays. Unlike other sensors that implement analog circuitry to convert pressure into electric signal, VTRD implements fully digital priciple of measurement.

    For full-scale replacement of 13VT-003 and VMB-8 (VMB-14) type vacuum gauges, as well as devices produced by other manufacturers unable to collect and display data from external meters and performing direct pressure measuring with the help of connected PMT-6, PMT-4 and PMI-2 lamps on existing plants, the following retrofit kit is supplied: VTRD (3 pcs.), VMD (1 pc.), multi-purpose automatic vacuum control unit (BUKVA) providing data collecting from digital vacuum gauges, on screen display of measured values, and programmable interlocks.

    Full compatibility of connection sizes and interlocking connectors. RS-485 digital interface, ModBUS RTU protocol. Optional connection of digital gas flow controllers (RRG-12) with flow stabilization function depending on the process chamber pressure.

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