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    Series "Nika-2015":

    Industrial sputtering machines are designed for application of decorative, hardening, heat-resistant coatings on various products and surfaces.

    Сylindrical chamber with a vertical axis of Ø700h700 mm stainless steel with a cooling jacket, oil-free dry pumping (cryohenic or turbomolecular), 1 door for loading / unloading of substrate holders, 2 doors for intracameral equipment service. This option allows installation of machine in a clean room, then the service can be completely made outside of clean zone. Vertical drum reduces the amount of surface defects caused by dust settling.

    Tehnological devices can be installed both inside and outside from the drum with substrates. 4 such positions to be installed inside the drum, 9 positions - from the outside.

    The height of the treatment zone is 500 mm. The area of service zone is 5 m2.

    Technology: bilateral deposition of conductive layers on a flat substrate (128 60x48 substrate), application hardening coatings on tools, applying a thermal barrier on turbine blades.

    Power supply: 380V, 50 Hz, 12..45 kW.

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