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    Nika-2014 Series: plasmachemical system for etching and deposition processes in high-density plasma. Processing chamber Ø350х300 mm, RPG-250 radio-frequency plasma generator. Cooled or heated table with helium heat removal, custom configuration magnet system ensuring ±2% processing uniformity on 200 mm diameter. The Nika-2014 machines are equipped with a loadlock.

    Power supply: 380 V, 50 Hz, 12 kW.

    Dimensions: 1200х850х1500.

    Weight: 300 kg

    Plasmachemical etching of semiconductors and dielectric in highly dense plasma medium. Processes: microstructure etching in semiconductor production, MEMS technology, optics; silicon etching rate: up to 40 µm/min, GaAs: up to 40 µm/min, SiO2: up to 6 µm/min; deep silicon etching with a vertical profile of walls and a large aspect ratio. Configuration: RFPG-250 plasma generator; cooled table (helium heat removal) with high-frequency bias; optical etching rate and depth control system.   
    Plasma-chemical deposition of dielectrics (plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition).  Processes: depositing SiO2, SiN, αCH, metals from metalorganic compounds; optical control of deposition rate and thickness. Configuration: RFPG-250 plasma generator; cooled or heated table with helium heat removal; gas distribution system for uniform deposition.

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