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    Nika-2013 RS Resistive Layers Deposition Machine (RLD)

    Purpose: deposition of resistive layers, ion-beam cleaning and etching


    • magnetron sputtering of metal and silicide targets;

    • deposition of composite layers by co-sputtering from two targets;

    • ion-beam cleaning and etching of layers;

    • depositing protective dielectric coatings above the resistive layer;

    • depositing/etching to a preset thickness with resistance control.


    • single-side deposition drum;

    • up to four magnetrons for deposition of underlayer, resistive layer (from metal or silicide targets) and protective layer;

    • ion source for activation of substrates and etching of layers;

    • heater with a preset temperature maintenance function.

    • 3 – 4 plasma-forming gas supply ducts.

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