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    Nika-2013 Series: high-efficient machines for a wide range of industrial applications. 

    A cylindrical stainless steel chamber with a cooling jacket. Sizes Ø700х500 mm, axis position is horizontal. Cryogenic or turbomolecular pump, with a scroll pump for rough pumping. Horizontal flange movement system for easy reloading and maintenance. Replaceable set of substrate holders for reloading time reduction.

    Rear flange: seven ISO63 mounting positions for technological devices: up to four magnetrons, heater, and ion source.

    Front flange: 600 mm horizontal drum, automatic shutter control. Deposition uniformity at least ±2%, 128 60x48 substrates, 48 substrates Ø100. Up to four windows equipped with shutters. Each window can be replaced with an ISO100 mounting flange for auxiliary equipment. Loading: 128 rectangular substrates 60x48 mm or 48 round substrates, Ø100 mm.

    Power supply: 380 V, 50 Hz, 20 – 25 kW.

    Dimensions: 1600x1600x1900.

    Weight: 800 kg.

    Nika-2013 series includes several major modifications: for conductive and resistive layers deposition, PECVD and plasma etching machine.

    Purpose: deposition of resistive layers, ion-beam cleaning and etching Processes: magnetron sputtering of metal and silicide targets; deposition of composite layers by co-sputtering from two targets; ion-beam cleaning and etching of layers; depositing protective dielectric coatings above the resistive layer; depositing/etching to a preset thickness with resistance control. Configuration: single-side deposition drum; up to four magnetrons for deposition of underlayer, resistive layer (from metal or silicide targets) and protective layer; ion source for activation of substrates and etching of layers;…
    A machine for thick metal coating deposition through magnetron sputtering. Purpose: deposition of thick metal coatings on ceramic substrates by thermal evaporation in magnetron discharge. Metal (Cr, Ti, Ta) or dielectric underalyers may be deposited to ensure conductive layer adhesion. In the latter case, resistive losses in microwave circuits are minimized. Processes: ion-beam cleaning of substrates; magnetron sputtering of metal targets; magnetron sputtering of magnetic materials (nickel); thermal evaporation in magnetron discharge with a high speed of deposition (up to…
    A machine for ion and plasmachemical treatment of substrates in high-density plasma medium. Purpose: Substrates are placed on the outside surface of a hexagonal electrode with a helium heat removal. A high-frequency magnetron discharge with a highly uniform ion current density is ignited around it. Discharge in inert or chemically active gas medium. Treatment zone dimensions at each side: 300x300 mm. Substrate size: 25 to 200 mm. Processes: plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) of dielectric layers of various materials by…
    Small-size versatile machines for industrial applications. Two modifications: CLD-C(Conductive Layer Deposition on Cooled substrates) and ME/ME-CVD (Magnetron Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition). All machine components are configured inside a single dustproof framed enclosure. The machine is factory-assembled (transported on a pallet truck). Commissioning work is reduced to connecting water, compressed air, process gases and electric power. High vacuum is generated by a completely oil-free pumping system based on a cryogenic or turbomolecular pump. Forevacuum is provided by a scroll pump. Vacuum chamber is designed as a horizontal cylinder 500…

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