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    Nika-2012 PVD Machine

    Nika-2012-ts Nika-2012-ts

    Purpose: PVD of materials with preliminary ion-beam cleaning and magnetron deposition of an underlayer.


    • ion-beam cleaning of substrates, including low-energy one (ion energy up to 40 eV);

    • magnetron sputtering of an adhesive underlayer (Cr, Ta, Ti);

    • reduction treatment in hydrogen plasma;

    • dry removal of photoresist by oxygen or hydrogen plasma etching;

    • deposited layer thickness monitoring by resistance, a quartz thickness gauge or by time;

    • PVD of conductive and resistive layers by thermal evaporation.


    • ion source for substrate cleaning or a plasma generator allowing to perform supplementary reduction treatment in hydrogen plasma instead of high-temperature annealing, as well as etching of organic materials;

    • magnetron for underlayer (Cr, Ti, Ta) deposition;

    • one or two resistive thermal evaporators for deposition of functional layers;

    • carrousel for single- or double-side deposition with an option for rapid mode switching;

    • quartz coat thickness gauge (optional);

    • three plasma-forming gas supply ducts;

    • heater (optional).

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