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    Nika-2012 IN Ion-Beam Sputtering Machine (IBS)

    Nika2012_IBD Nika2012_IBD

    Nika-2012 IN Ion-Beam Sputtering Machine (IBS)

    An ion beam deposition system for controlled deposition of multilayer coatings from six conductive or dielectric targets in arbitrary order with high-density plasma assisting the deposition process (IPVD). The ion beam sputtering can be performed by ions of an inert gas and in a chemically reactive gas plasma.

    Purpose: deposition of films with arbitrary composition (metals, dielectric, semiconductors) on substrates with diameters up to 100 mm, with coating thickness control using a quartz gauge. An unlimited number of layers are deposited automatically from six different targets in a programmable sequence. A sluice-type plant with individual loading of substrates. Substrates are placed in vertical plane on heated holders rotating at variable speed around a longitudinal axis. The plants may be equipped with cooled or heated turntables with helium heat removal. Midfrequency bias can be fed to conductive targets in order to increase evaporation speed.


    • ion-beam sputtering of conductive and dielectric targets;
    • cathode sputtering of conductive targets;
    • reactive deposition of dielectrics, ion deposition.


    • transfer chamber for rapid substrate reloading;
    • heated or cooled rotating substrate holders;
    • Ion Source II-52 ion source for sputtering targets;
    • RFPG-128 plasma generator for substrates cleaning, cathode sputtering and ion assistance;
    • 6-piece rotating cooled target holder;
    • up to 4 plasma-forming gas supply ducts.


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