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    Vacuum machine NIKA-2012-500 Magnetron Sputtering Enlarged

    Vacuum machine Nika-2012-500 MS Magnetron Sputtering is a full functional analogue of soviet vacuum macine UVN-71. This macine differs from other installations of NIKA-series enlarged cylindrical chamber 500x400 mm. System is designed for magnetron and thermal sputtering, ion etching, plasma-chemical processes.

    Depending on task Machine NIKA-2012-500 can be equipped with 4 process units (magnetron system, thermal evaporator, ion-beam source, plasma generator). There is a dry pumping system through cryogenic or turbomolecular pump.
    The basic technical characteristics: 380V, 50 Hz, 24 kW; dimensions (mm): 1020 х 1450 х 1900, the internal diameter of the chamber 500, height 400. Weight 750 kg.
    The first machine in series is NIKA CLD/RLD 12-500 (conductive or resistive layers). It is equipped with units: 2..3 magnetron, 1 ion-beam source. Suitable for both bilateral and unilateral deposition layers. To 15 substrates 60х48. Cryogenic pumping.

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