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    Vacuum Equipment Modernization

    Laboratory of vacuum technologies, LTD carries out modernization of various vacuum process machines, in particular, UVN-71, UVN-73..75, as well as Oratoria-9, UVN-70 and UVN-79 machines. We replace vacuum system fittings, pumping and vacuum measuring facilitie, also we install new vacuum system control and coolant distribution units.
    Depending on their purpose, machines may be retrofitted with process devices: magnetron sputtering systems, ion beam sources, heaters, radio-frequency plasma generators, as well as modern units, vacuum gauges and sensors. A modernized machine has a fully automated vacuum system and manufacturing process control. We provide optional remote monitoring of the machine serviceability, software update and engineering advice via Internet.

    We can modernize any vacuum equipment to suit the Customer's needs.


    Example of modernization of Machine for Magnetron Sputtering UVN-71P3


    As an example, see the result of modernization of machine UVN-71P3 for magnetron sputtering. The machine was equipped with the new systems, blocks and devices:

    1. Dry, oil-free pumping system based on spiral rough and cryogenic pumps;
    2. Fully automatic unit for control of vacuum system and technological cycle with the possibility of remote monitoring and diagnostics via Internet;
    3. Vacuum technological devices: ion beam source and magnetron;
    4. Modern power blocks.

    Machine for Magnetron Sputtering based UVN-71P3

    Установка магнетронного напыления на базе УВН-71П3

    Some of the old units has been retained by an agreement with the Customer for saving money.

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