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    Ion beam sources

    Cold cathode ion beam sources produced by Laboratory of Vacuum Technologies, Ltd. belong to a class of anode layer ion sources. The sources are easy in use, reliable and handy for a wide range of applications. Some devices have been used for over 10 years in intensive everyday use.

    Such ion beam sources may be used without compensation cathode to simplify operation. Sources can operate in high voltage regime, the low voltage is also possible.

    The devices are of two types: circular with tubular beam and linear.

    The most common task for ion beam sources is cleaning and activation of a substrate surface before deposition. Also these sources may be used for ion etching of substrates due to high homogeneity of treatment.

    Their use provides high adhesion of material and structural perfection of the thin films deposition.

    Gas-discharge ion sources generating linear beams. High uniformity of ion flux distribution along the source makes it the optimum choice for substrate treatment on a drum or a carrousel.  The device has three standard size: -145, -400, -600. Also we can manufacture linear ion beam sources on request.
    High density of ion flux in the beam and its small cross dimensions allow to use small-size targets. Purpose: sputtering of materials from dielectric, semiconductor, magnetic and non-magnetic metal targets. Processes: deposition of metals and dielectrics by ion sputtering.

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