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    Electron-beam equipment

    Laboratory of Vacuum Technologies, Ltd. develops and manufactures electron guns with power sources and electron beam control systems. The gun power can be customized between 50 to 500 kW. The electron beam gun apparatus can be installed on the existing vacuum unit or on the new one.

    High power electron guns are an absolutely pure, inertialess heat source with power density up to 105 W/cm2

    Electron beam heating used in the following technologies:

    • Remelting and refining of refractory metals;
    • reactive metals and alloys: titanium, nickel, niobium, zirconium, hafnium, molybdenum, tantalum, tungsten, and various steels;
    • Evaporation of metals and alloys for thin film deposition, foil and semiconductor elements manufacturing;
    • Evaporation of metals and alloys for nonalloyable materials manufacturing. Heatproof metal vacuum castling;
    • Multicomponent magnetron targets manufacturing.

    Advantages of the electron beam heating:

    Continuous process of refining/smelting and castling, thus decreasing the total energy consumption for manufacturing up to 3 times in comparison to the conventional methods.

    An extremely high deposition rate of any materials, which cannot be achieved via other deposition methods.

    An electron beam gun is a complex vacuum device. It includes a hot cathode, an electron source, a differential vacuum pumping system, electron beam focusing and control systems, high voltage connectors and isolation elements. Laboratory of Vacuum Technologies develops and stock produce high power electron beam guns but we also ready to meet any customer's special requirements. Stock produced electron beam guns are labeled as EGA (Electron beam Gun Axial). These devices have a single stage differential vacuum pumping system…
    An electron beam gun power source include high voltage electron beam acceleration unit and two heating circuits control units. The power source defines the total power of the electron beam gun apparatus. The total output power of the power source can be customized. The serial power supplies are 25, 60, 120, 210, and 630 kW in power. A control unit of a heating circuit is a single module which is universal for all electron beam gun power range. This module…
    A rectangle raster made by an electron beam on a target surfaceTo control the electron beam and to distribute its power between a number of targets an Electron beam control system unit has been developed by our company. This unit includes electron beam indication system, sweep generator, and provides power supply to magnetic lenses and deflection system. The maximum deflection angle is 45° in any direction, that provides a good protection of an electron bean gun from droplets and vapor…

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