Our Company

    Laboratory of Vacuum Technologies (Beams&Plasmas™) is an advanced, rapidly developing company from Zelenograd. We develop vacuum equipment for coating deposition. State-of-the-art technical concepts, high reliability and capacity, as well as reasonable prices and compact sizes are distinguishing features of our machines.

    - 3 series of Nika machine (-2012, -2013, -2014), 8 versions

    - Vacuum systems process equipment (magnetrons, ion sources, plasma generators, vacuum system matching units, sensors and accessories)

    - Engineering advice

    - Maintenance and repair of vacuum equipment

    - Modernization of the existing vacuum process equipment

    Nika-2012, Nika-2013, and Nika-2014 are vacuum process units for industrial and research applications intended for surface coating and ion-plasma surface treatment. They provide a number of versions easily customizable for specific industrial or research tasks. Fully automated control.

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