Heat-resistant and hard coatings

    Hard and heat resistant coatings are thick layers (more than 10 μm) of special compositions. Most often these compositions are nitrides, carbides or carbonitrides of different metals and alloys.

    Our PVD systems provide deposition of such compositions by reactive magnetron sputtering of metal targets. Simultaneous sputtering from several targets chemical composition of a coating can be varied in order to get the most appropriate results. Unlike vacuum arc deposition magnetron sputtering provide particle-less coatings with outstanding properties.


    • hard coatings for mechanical tools: drills, mills, cutters, blades.
    • antifriction coatings
    • thermal barriers for turbine blades of turbine engines

    For industrial applications Nika-2015 systems are recommended, for R&D or for small tools take a look at our Nika-2012 machines.

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